6. júl 2023 @ 21:00 – 11. júl 2023 @ 1:00 Europe/Bratislava Časová zóna
Rivers Club

#tomafamily finally gets together!

This was SUPER challenging to try and pull together, hence the timing of announcement. Context would command that sane people would not put together the event, but the messages and requests for it were OVERWHELMING. (and we are not really known for being sane) So here it goes!

We are (desperately) counting on you! 😅😅😅 But more than that, we are looking forward to enjoy with you again!

For this year we have put together a very special line up of teachers and Djs who will give all you need to spend an amazing weekend in Bratislava and re-live again that experience that only TOMA TOMA gives.

Miguel & Susana
Teca & Lucie
João & Giedre
Emmanuel & Janna
Railey & Benite

Dj Sabura
Dj Hugo Boss
Dj Supaman
Dj Rock
Dj Azmaël

Until end of April 90€
Until end of May 100€
Until end of June 115€
At the door 125€

As we’re an Old Fashioned way festival all bookings are via email:

Our venue is the same as before, we’re hitting back River’s Club with that beautiful view over the river and the castle!

Spread the word with your friends, let’s have that good time together and party until our legs can’t hold anymore…