14. január 2018 @ 18:30 – 22:30 Europe/Bratislava Časová zóna
Wild Lime Reading
Cuban Rueda Variations Workshop @ Wild Lime Reading

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The Salsa Family have the pleasure to work with the people from CUBAN VIBES to share the latin flavour in Reading, is an special workshop for INTERMEDIATE CUBAN SALSA DANCERS who would like to explore more about the wonderful world of the Cuban Rueda

★-★Guest Teacher ★-★
Carlton Thomas

★-★ Place and time ★-★
Wild Lime Reading from 5:30pm to 8:30pm

★-★ Summary of Workshops ★-★

Rueda – a fuera
This Rueda workshop is danced with the focus switched to the outside of the wheel. You will learn the basics of “a fuera” as well as some figures, which are especially nice, when dancing to the outside.

Rueda con Afro/ Rumba
This Rueda workshop has elements of Cuban Rumba and Afro Cuban dances, this workshop will give you the basic knowledge of these dances and movement.

Rueda – en la Linea
This Rueda workshop is a special form of the Rueda, in which the couples do not dance in a circle, but side by side in a line

Rueda – contra tiempo
This Rueda workshop is danced to Son Music. You will learn how to dance to the Son beat (contra tiempo)

Rueda – cruzado
This Rueda workshop will be divided in 2 groups, one group dances on 1, the other group dances on 5 in one Rueda circle.

Rueda – dos Ruedas/ llantar
This Rueda workshop will teach you a special expert way to dance Rueda in 2 circles

Rueda – espejo
This Rueda workshop is a bit of a brain tease brings you back to when you was a beginner in this format the men start on the right feet and the women on the left in short it’s like looking into a mirror.

Rueda – dos mujeres
This Rueda workshop teaches the men how to dance with two women. Men will be introduced to doing a Rueda with “2 women” and special calls.

Rueda – dos hombres
This Rueda workshop teaches the women how to dance with one man. Women will be introduced to doing a Rueda with “2 men” and special calls.

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At the door £55
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